ERPNext Development and Implementation

Codes Soft is providing ERPNext Development / Customization and Implementation services in Karachi, Pakistan, Codes Soft have deployed several ERPNext projects in many industries including Retail, Manufacturing, Services, Distributing, Schools, Hotels, Hospitals etc.

ERPNext is an Open Source ERP build on Python which is the most powerful and trending language now a days, ERPNext's ui is very simple is easy to use even for illiterate operators, just like facebook, ERPNext comes with pre build main modules such as Accounts Management, Assets Management, CRM, HR Management, Manufacturing Management, Stock and Inventory Management, Sales Management, Support Management, it can also use for Schools / Colleges, Hotels and Hospitals.

ERPNext is all in one solution for all industries as it claimed itself as a alternative to SAP, Net suite, Zoho, Sales Force, MS Dynamics etc. and as being frankly, yes its a best alternate to all these legends ERPs because it have all functionalities like big ERPs in 90% lower cost than them.


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