Who We Are?

For many years, we have been applying state-of-the-art technology to provide digital transformation support for SMEs and global companies - covering all major platforms and technology stacks. Headquartered in Karachi, it is ideally positioned to provide top-notch software services to customers worldwide.

What We Do

We provide end-to-end customized software services focused on online video management and delivery, advertising technology, real-time communications, e-commerce, e-learning, big data and business intelligence.

Video related solutions are key elements of our domain expertise. Over the years, we have honed our proprietary technology by working with trusted technology partners and media industry leaders to create the most advanced OTT platforms, video conferencing systems and multi-screen applications.

Our powerful R&D department investigates new technologies, such as programmatic advertising and computer vision, to determine how companies can respond to market challenges. Continuous innovation paved the way for development and QA departments, while increasing the value of tangible products.

Our Value

Technology We love what we do and have been improving ourselves through strong R&D, continuous internal education and regular visits to industry events. result? You can count on us to propose the best combination of new technologies to solve your business challenges.


We build relationships based on openness and honesty, and integrate these values into our flexible, low-risk development process. We ensure that each customer has the best understanding of the project. For us, earning trust means taking full responsibility for what we deliver - until the work is completed and beyond.


In modern business environments, product demand may change rapidly. Loyal to our agile thinking, we are ready to deal with the scope of change, strengthen the team, or master new technologies if your vision requires it.

Team Work

A close united team is the core of any project. Working with us, you will never feel that you are managing a "supplier." Our professionals see your goals as your goals and work seamlessly with your internal staff to achieve your goals.